From web and graphic design to apps, digital marketing, and social media management—this is what we do.

At Nosstrious, we offer the most comprehensive digital solutions for business growth in Farmington and the Four Corners Region. Whether you’re a new restaurant, hair salon, gym, or even a tried and true local auto shop, we have the skills and tools to get your business on the digital map.

Grow and scale your business using the vast reach of the internet and social media.

According to the Pew Research Center, there are over 280 million internet users in the United States. In New Mexico, more than 65% of all households have a high-speed internet connection in their homes. Target this vast customer base with our tools and talent to expand your business both online and in-store.

We’ll help you pinpoint and market to your ideal customers with a strong brand, great design, ease-of-use, and fast, powerful tools to further grow your organization.

Approximately nine-in-ten American adults use the internet, 69% of Americans use some form of social media, and a whopping 77% of all Americans have a smartphone today.

  • Internet Reach in The United States 88% 88%
  • Social Media Reach in The United States 68% 68%
  • Smartphone Owners in The United States 77% 77%

Data from The Pew Research Center.

Our Digital Solutions

Our skills are constantly evolving based on the needs of our customers and our desire to learn. From free and open-source to licensed enterprise tools, we stay sharp so your business can thrive.

Designer Websites

Our website packages are designed to get you more business. From basic one-page websites to professional e-commerce solutions, we have the website package you need to launch and expand your business.

Local Marketing

Your business’ online presence needs to extend beyond a website. Use powerful tools to ensure your customers can always find you on Google, Facebook, Bing, Twitter, or any other place online.

Digital Advertising

Get your business in the eyes of thousands of potential customers by advertising in the apps and websites they already use. Use digital advertising to gain an advantage over your competitors and to acquire new customers.

Professional Graphic Design

Design is found in nearly everything you see, touch, and feel. It can be emotional or personal, soft or vibrant – even shocking. Having a strong emphasis on great design is essential for any aspiring business or company’s success.

Social Media Marketing

Over 69% of Americans use social media, expanding your business’ reach to a potential 222 million people. Elevate your business with the power and reach of social media, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and more.

Interested in Working With Us?

We would love to hear about your idea or project. Contact us today to set up a one hour consultation.

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