There is a myth that goes around claiming that more than 90 percent of startups do not make it past their first year. However, real data has shown that more than 75 percent of business are able to complete their first year of operation successfully. If you have successfully completed your first year of business, you are probably looking for ways that you can fuel business growth, now that you have established your position in the market. Here are the four things that you will need to maintain your company’s growth.

A Business Strategist

While it is true that when you were starting the business you had a strategy, there are differences that you may have noticed about the reception of the product or the service which you are offering in the market. Your business strategy should keep changing to respond to the needs of your target consumer. The business strategist helps you re-imagine your business strategy in the following ways:

  • They perform a brand audit
  • They review the success of your business purpose
  • They create a series of steps geared towards expanding your business.


Business Management Software

If you have scaled production and are wondering how you will manage the extra work without hiring extra help, start thinking about in-house software to help manage your business. This could be CRM software and any other kind of business intelligence software. The value of the software is that it eases the business process while at the same time storing important customer data that can inform marketing decisions.


Measures that Capitalize on Customer Experience

One thing that happens to most businesses when they go through a period of massive growth is that they end up losing some of their essences, especially where customer experience is concerned. For instance, when a coffee shop expands, there will be more people to serve, and this may slow things down. A good business manager always comes up with measures to manage the growth. For instance, you could expand business space or add your staff to maintain customer experience standards.

Accounting Software

Bigger business means more funds to handle on a daily basis. This basically means that you need robust software that will help you balance the books and manage the taxes because you do not want to end up with mishandled tax issues. Ensure that the accounting department is familiar with the software before investing in it.


Congratulations on building your business this far. Now that you have gotten your feet underneath you, it’s time to look to grow further. These are four things that if implemented and used correctly, will go a long way in helping you manage the growth of your business.

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