In today’s online world, every business needs to leverage technology if they are going to compete in a fast-moving business world. However, you need to use the right tools, or you could waste time and money. Here are the online applications you should be considering for your new business to help it grow:



If you have a business, then naturally you need sales for it to grow. That means having salespeople to make calls or send emails. The best way for you to make this effective is to use a customer relationship management (CRM) tool. These tools allow you to store all of the information you have about customers in one place. It can be shared with other departments like accounting, billing, and customer service too. Salespeople can keep notes, track how far along the customer is in the sales process, and look at analytics to decide the best approach.


Cloud Storage

With so much data being produced today, your company needs a way to store data. Cloud storage is quickly become the main form of data storage for business, especially because it is easy to use and accessible from almost anywhere. You can use cloud storage to store employee files, product information, client information, and just about anything you can think of. Open-source cloud storage is gaining in popularity because its innovative approach to cloud storage allows you to have more control over the security of your files while also reducing cost.


Social Media

Social media marketing can make or break your business, so use it wisely. When used properly, you can attract new customers, and increase retention. Over 67 percent of people will go to social media if they are trying to contact you, so make sure you have a great strategy in place to address these needs.


Inter-Office Communications

You may not think of this when you first start out, but having a good system in place for employee communications is crucial. A small start-up company can have a lot of conversations face-to-face because they are in a small area, but as you grow, you don’t want to constantly be crossing the office to ask questions or discuss problems. Finding a good messaging app that your business can use is crucial to maintaining communications. You can use this for group planning and announcements or personal messaging between employees. If you start off this way, you won’t need to worry about adjusting later on.


Online applications can be overwhelming to look into at the beginning of your business. However, once you have them in place, it is much easier to accomplish your goals. So don’t give up on the search for the right online tools. Use the ones mentioned above to create an atmosphere of innovation and growth in your new company.


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