One of the most important things a writer can do is create a quality website. While your book’s cover, sample, and blurb are vital parts of marketing your manuscript, an author website helps you discover and connect with new readers. Here’s what you need to know.

Starting Your Website

When you first create your author page, it’s important that you showcase your name and the title of your book. If you plan to write additional books in the future, make sure you choose your author name as the domain website’s URL. If you only plan to write one book, you may choose to have the title of your book as your URL. Selecting an intuitive website domain name is the first step in the internet marketing that will enable readers to find you easily.

Creating Meaningful Content

Designing your website takes time. So does creating meaningful and engaging content. Just like your book, you can’t just throw together an author website. Instead, take the time you need to carefully craft an interesting and engaging site. It’s important to include a blog on your author website in order to increase your rankings and drive traffic to your website. Take care to make sure each post is written well and reflects both on your book and your writing ability. You may also choose to include excerpts from your book, as well as fun facts or tidbits about the topic that readers will find interesting to read and explore. Better yet, an author website is the perfect place to post your book trailer for the world to see.

Appealing to Visitors

Your website should showcase information that is important to your readers. For example, do you have another book in the works? Share snippets, the cover, or even the blurb. You can also include an author bio page with a picture of yourself. Some authors include a blog, while others want only basic information about their author life on the website. Keep your visitors in mind as you create your page and your content. What information would they want to see while searching your site? Consider including links to your social media pages, as well as any stores where readers can purchase your book.

It’s important to use your professional author website to promote your book. Readers will be able to learn more about you and develop an understanding of what your book is all about. A fantastic author website will help you to connect with readers and can assist you in getting more sales.



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