All the hard work and financial investment that you poured into starting your business won’t amount to much if that business doesn’t grow. From the moment you “open your doors” you need to become proactive with expanding your customer base. A lot of that work can happen online, but you shouldn’t discount community outreach. Do you have a plan for how to make your business grow? 

Create a Powerful Brand 

Every business needs a powerful brand, one that is more than a clever logo. Your brand should come to represent what your values are as a business and how you engage with your customers. Any step you take towards promoting your business needs to reinforce that brand. For instance, if your restaurant serves family-style dinners, then it is clear your marketing approach should be focused on the family. If you can sum up your brand in just a few words, you can turn that into a slogan and use it in all your promotions.

Local SEO 

Your business needs to have a strong online presence. We’ll stipulate that you have a terrific website that is easy to navigate and is kept current with fresh content. While that is essential, it is equally important to be focused on driving traffic to your website and that can happen with strong local SEO practices for your content. SEO or search engine optimization is how a new customer will find your business when they search online. Local SEO is different than regular SEO in a number of ways. It is vital that you pinpoint your business location through your use of keyword chains. Your customers don’t want to travel for hours to find your business. The success you’ll have is by generating new clients locally. Target local SEO brings them to your website and eventually to your business storefront.

Send Out a Newsletter 

Your website should be building a database of customer’s email addresses. These would be all the people who will be receptive to your promotions. An effective way to promote your business is with a newsletter. This can be something that you send out weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. It can include features of new products and offer discounts. It is a promotion to show your community outreach, too. All of that will help support the brand and drive up business. 


As mentioned, a lot of the promotion for your business will be online, but you should also get out in the real world, too. Your business can support a lot of community groups from little league teams to food banks. Your staff can also volunteer at fundraising events. Just be sure they’re wearing a company t-shirt that puts your logo on proud display. Anytime you can take your business “outside” you have a chance to show the community that you care and that builds up customer loyalty.

Add Sharing to Your Website 

Not only should your website make it easy for customers to shop or order, but it should also make it easy to share. You should have social media accounts set up across all the platforms. Sharing buttons let your customers click and share the content that you’re creating. Of course, this means you have to create content that is worthy of sharing. Not everything on your website has to be the “hard sell.” You can have an infographic of fun facts related to your business. If you come across a viral video, then snag that and make it a feature on your website. When a customer shares your content, then you are reaching a wider group of potential clients. Best of all, it is free marketing. 

You need to devote time each day to promote your business in order to foster growth. That might mean coming in an hour early or staying an hour late. It will be time well spent when your business hits its sales goals.

Reaching a local market is different from other kinds of marketing. Let us help you find your audience right where you are at!

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