When you operate an e-commerce business, your customers are going to have expectations. They want to have a seamless experience where they can clearly view the merchandise, pay for it, and receive it in the mail, undamaged and in a timely manner. A small business can be run on excel sheets. However, eventually your business is going to grow, gather lots of data, and become busy. When excel sheets become too cumbersome, software options are at your disposal. Here are three e-commerce business headaches that technology can help resolve.


For several years, corporations ran their companies on excel sheets. Since it was the best solution available, business owners and professionals made it work. Macros could be programmed, and data was easily sortable, but the amount of information being gathered became too much. Today, customer relationship management software executes several tasks while acting as a centralized system for all departments. After the initial data-entry phase, a CRM syncs with current applications, stores all aspects of a sale for future use, and allows you to compile reports. If you decide to develop a loyalty program down the road, you can search through the records and reward your clients according to your criteria, for example. 

Lost Shipments

Many companies use technology that provides address validation through CASS metadata to confirm shipment and mailing information. It delivers improved tracking data, too. When customers enter their address, it is validated according the postal office standards before they make their payments to reduce the risk of wrong delivery. If the package is lost during transit, the unique code allows the tracking software to find where it ended up thanks to the series of scans it undergoes. Sometimes, it is still on a delivery truck. Other times, it could be human error that sends it to the wrong zip code or state.

Web Traffic

If you believe the web traffic to your e-commerce store should be higher, software can help. Search engine optimization professionals utilize software that helps them diagnose a website’s current status. They measure the competition and relevant keywords, and they deploy SEO campaigns from proprietary software controlled by them or sold to you. By optimizing your store’s website to the habits of your desired audience, you are helping them find you.

Records, lost shipments, and an increase in traffic are three e-commerce business headaches technology can help resolve.
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